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Building a Brighter Future for Black Women and Girls

As a society, we have a responsibility to advocate for the rights and wellbeing of marginalised communities. Black women and girls, in particular, have long faced discrimination and inequities in various aspects of life.

We are a UK-based social enterprise who understands that  struggles faced by marginalised groups in the UK are not isolated incidents, but are part of a global pattern of systemic oppression that has existed for centuries. 

Black people, women, and other marginalised groups have been denied basic rights and opportunities for far too long, and the work being done to address these issues is essential not only for the UK but for the world.

Our mission is to empower and elevate Black women and girls, who live at the intersection of at least two marginalised groups at all times – identifying as Black and female

We recognise that racism and sexism are not only separate issues, but rather deeply interconnected systems of oppression that negatively impact the lives of Black women and girls.

We understand that being part of multiple underrepresented communities, Black women and girls face unique and intersectional forms of discrimination, particularly in the form of gendered racism and misogynoir.

While gendered racism and misogynoir may not always overlap, Black women and girls may still experience both forms of discrimination simultaneously. Multiple forms of discrimination faced are not only interconnected, but mutually reinforcing in their negative impact.

We strive to raise awareness about such issues, provide intergenerational safe spaces and resources, community cohesion, and create meaningful change. To accomplish this, we are committed to building a diverse network of partnerships with individuals, local communities, businesses, organisations, and government initiatives.

Join us in our mission to empower and elevate Black women and girls through advocacy and support. By uniting with us, you will become part of a powerful community of Black women and girls, advocates, and allies who share our goal of creating a more equitable and just society. 

Together, we can create a brighter future for Black women and girls. Let’s make it happen.