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Sip Juice & Paint: Black Women in Art Workshop
Empowering Young Black Girls

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Imagine a vibrant space with laughter and paintbrushes against canvases at “Sip and Juice: Black Women in Arts.” This workshop for Black girls aged 12-16 tackled the lack of representation by introducing them to a powerful lineage of Black women artists, shattering limiting perceptions.

This creative workshop provided a unique space where young girls learnt about the contributions and achievements of Black women in the arts while exploring their own artistic talents.

The session not only fostered creativity but also emphasised the importance of representation in the arts.

Our Objectives

The primary goals of the “Sip and Juice” session were to:

  • Educate: Introduce participants to influential Black women artists, both contemporary and historical, who have made significant contributions to the art world.

  • Inspire: Encourage Black girls to pursue their artistic interests by showcasing role models who look like them and share their cultural heritage.

  • Create: Provide a hands-on painting experience where participants can express themselves by painting images of Black women, reinforcing positive self-images and cultural pride.

  • Connect: Build a supportive community where young Black girls can share their experiences, challenges, and aspirations related to art and beyond.

The “Sip and Juice: Black Women in Art” session was more than just an art class; it is a powerful platform for education, inspiration, and empowerment. 

By celebrating the contributions of Black women in the arts, the session ensures that young Black girls see themselves as valuable, talented, and capable of shaping the world through their creativity.

This workshop was part of the Dear Black Women and Girls 2023 Festival, a broader initiative to empower and uplift Black girls and women.

About the Practitioner

LindseyMeet Visual Artist, Lindsey Daniella, a self-taught artist with a great passion for art and creative content creation. Over 8 years, she has acquired extensive experience in working with oil paints, enabling her to produce distinct pieces of art.