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The Self-Love Zine Workshop
Crafting Confidence, One Page at a Time

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The Self Love Workshop for Black girls aged 12 to 16 was an empowering zine-making session designed to foster creativity, confidence, and self-worth. Participants engaged in hands-on zine creation, exploring their identities and unique beauty through art and storytelling.

For several reasons, this workshop, led by Illustrative Image Maker, Fiona Quadri, was essential for fostering self-love in Black girls.

Firstly, it provided a supportive and nurturing environment where they could connect, share their intersectional experiences, and develop valuable self-expression and personal growth skills.

The workshop celebrated their individuality in a world that often bombards them with negative stereotypes and messages that don’t reflect their beauty and strength.

Creating zines gave the girls a safe space to explore and define themselves on their own terms. This sense of agency and empowerment is crucial for building vital self-love in Black girls.

Self-love for Black girls is essential for counteracting negative stereotypes about their race and gender, building resilience, promoting mental health, and encouraging academic and personal success.

When Black girls value and believe in themselves, they are more likely to pursue their goals and aspirations with determination and self-assurance. Additionally, self-love initiatives create supportive communities where Black girls can connect and support each other, fostering a sense of belonging.

By celebrating their unique beauty and rich culture, self-love empowers Black girls to embrace their identities and heritage, fostering a sense of pride and connection.

This zine-making workshop was part of the Dear Black Women and Girls 2023 Festival, a broader initiative to empower and uplift Black girls and women.

About the Practitioner

Fiona V2Meet Illustrative Image Maker, Fiona Quadri, originally from Brussels, who now resides in London, where she focuses on exploring themes of identity, race, and queer communities in her work. Her creative talents were recognised and awarded second place in the 2021 Windrush Waves Youth Arts competition by the Black Cultural Archives.