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Customise Your Confidence: T-Shirt Design Workshop
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The “Customise Your Confidence: A T-Shirt Design Workshop” was an engaging and empowering session designed to help young Black girls explore their creativity and express their intersectional identities through fashion.

Led by Daniella Dawkins, a master upcycler and sustainability influencer, this workshop provided a fun and supportive environment where participants designed their own t-shirts using various techniques such as fabric painting and embroidery.

Our Objectives

The primary goals of the “Customise Your Confidence” workshop were to:

  • Unleash Creativity: Encourage participants to explore their artistic abilities by designing personalised t-shirts featuring Afro hair designs, sparking an interest in fashion design and promoting the beauty of natural Black hair.

  • Build Confidence: Foster a sense of self-confidence and pride as participants create and wore their custom designs, empowering them to embrace their natural hair texture and consider careers in the fashion industry.

  • Promote Sustainability: Introduce the concepts of upcycling and sustainability in fashion, inspiring environmentally conscious creativity and innovation in their future fashion endeavours.

  • Celebrate Culture: Provide a platform for participants to incorporate elements of their culture and personal experiences into their designs, emphasising the importance of diversity in the fashion world and celebrating the natural beauty of Afro hair.

  • Connect: Create an inclusive and supportive space where participants could share their creations and connect, building a network of future fashion designers and enthusiasts who appreciate and promote the beauty of Afro hair.

This workshop was part of the Dear Black Women and Girls 2023 Festival, a broader initiative to empower and uplift Black girls and women.

About the Practitioner

Dani DawkinsMeet Dani, the founder and creative force behind ‘DIFA’ (short for ‘Designed Individually for All’), Daniella’s mission is to inspire people to adopt sustainable fashion practices and embrace textile upcycling to minimise waste and reduce their environmental footprint.